The ups and downs of working from home. Here are the results of a recent survey…

When I started my business, I thought I needed more structure so that I would focus on work and not the dogs or laundry. Thus, I rented office space and had co-workers who also had their own businesses. I really enjoyed the connections I made there and still keep up with many of them. Did I get distracted? Of course,  but it was different than the laundry, it was because a friend stopped by to chat or internet distractions. The point is, distraction is all around and many of us have to really work at staying focused. So what about working from home verses working in an office, are we more productive? We don’t have to travel on hwy 77, that’s a gift! Another gift, we likely don’t have to dress the same, we can wear our comfy, usually less expensive clothes.

Is it a good idea to offer a work from home option for your employees? Some of us believe that we can’t supervise our employees unless we share the same space? Is that really true? Can’t we measure productivity based on work results from home or office? And what about our ability to recruit quality workers in this increasingly more challenging time? Robert Half did a survey this month and when they asked professionals if they are more likely to accept a job offer if there was a possibility of telecommuting at least some of the time, a whopping 77% of them said yes! Let’s face it, when the unemployment rate is this low, we need a way to entice applicants. Here is what else the survey said.

Here’s the downside to telecommuting:

Some workers will abuse the situation, 22%

Working from home leads to feelings of isolation, 22%

Leads to poor co-worker relationships, 17%

Complaints of less facetime with executives, 12%

There is no one to bounce ideas off, 7%

Companies save a lot of money on office buildings but may pay another price. What stands out for me with the results is a lack of identified company culture and with the lack of connection comes the lack of loyalty to the company. We’ll see what happens with this newer phenomenon of working from home, will it stick or is it a fad?

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