Strategic HR – Why it Matters

Strategic HR – Why it Matters

Employers depend upon their employees to provide the products and services for their customers. In most cases, employers would not be able to provide those services if not for those employees. Thus, employees are very critical to the success of the businesses.

When you look strategically at what is next for your business in 2018 – I encourage you to consider what is next for your employees. What is happening in your industry that requires change in your company? What is happening at a broader level, economically or possibly national trends that impact your business?

Breaking down HR into it’s “parts” helps to understand what HR is and why HR Strategy is critical to the success of your business.

  1. Getting the Right People on the Bus – hiring the right people is one of the single best things you can do for the success of your business. Figuring out what avenues to use to locate the employees and then identify the right candidates is a big task and it is necessary to get that right. If you are not able to find the talent for your jobs, you may need to create an apprenticeship or find an employee who is interested and wants to learn the skill you need.
  2. New Hire Orientation and Training. Many companies don’t spend the necessary time in this space. Employers tend to move directly from hiring to expecting the employee can read the minds of the supervisors. It is a great investment of time to talk about the culture of the company, the company rules and the expectations of the employee both from the larger company standpoint and of the individual job role.  An employee handbook can begin to identify the culture, the work rules, and policies. That is a great start. In addition, you’ll  need a specific, detailed job description for the role the new employee is filling. Take the time to review the job description and the handbook with the new employee.
  3. What is in the future for the company? Where do you expect to grow? New location? New skills necessary? What is the plan for growing the employee workforce as the company grows? Perhaps you have employees in place that you see moving up and taking on more responsibilities. If you do, you will want to begin now (or soon) to provide stretch assignments for those employees to test the waters.
  4. Is your company compliant with the laws and regulations, there are many trust me, that surround employment. If you are not keeping up, you’ll need to plan for addressing that risk by hiring a professional. Consider Wise HR, an employment attorney, or hiring a full time or part time HR certified employee to keep up with the changes and get your company into compliance.
  5. Manager/Supervisor training – what will your employees need to be successful in the next year? Are there new skills that you have identified that will be critical in the next few years for the success of your company? If there are, have you identified current employees who can learn those new skills? Make sure to plan ahead for the budget needed to train your employees.

In strategic planning it is always good to identify strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your company. Set goals at the beginning of the year, and don’t neglect them throughout the year. Set smaller goals to make sure you get to the bigger goal for the year.


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