Tips for Supervisors

• Familiarize yourself with the policies – In order to be an effective leader you have to know the rules and support them. If not, you may make promises you can’t keep or handle situations inappropriately because you aren’t familiar with the policy. Take some time to review the policy manual and if you don’t understand something, ask human resources or your supervisor.

• Build Relationships Develop relationships across the company. This includes your direct reports, your peers and your boss and her/his peers. You have a better chance of being effective if people know who you are and like you.

• Get good at providing feedback to your direct supports – Setting expectations providing effective performance reviews require a lot of work on your part, but having a good process is one of the most important ways you set and track employee achievement and goals. If done correctly, performance reviews are a great tool and something both supervisor and employee can look forward to.

• Foster collaboration and teamwork – Listen to your team, hear them out. Give them a goal or target and let them come up with the way forward. Collaborate on setting goals and establishing criteria to measure the success of the project.

• Be consistent and fair – Don’t play favorites with your employees. Make sure you treat each one consistently.

• Walk Your Talk – Lead by example. Being a supervisor doesn’t give you an excuse to break the rules. You shouldn’t be asking people to do things that they don’t see you doing yourself.

• Keep Good Records – Document, document, document. Any interaction or issue that may not seem important at the time may turn out to be important later, make sure you document any conversation or save emails that point to employee issues and any attempt made at a resolution. Those records could end up putting you in a much better position in the event of any lawsuit or frivolous claim before it becomes a problem.



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