10 Tips to Working ON Your Business

business consulting advice from the business coach at Wise HR1. Spend some time reviewing your financials. Where do you make the most money? When you consider the time, supplies and other expenses, what would you consider your cash cow? Make an action plan including 5 things you could do to bring in more work in the area of your cash cow. Mark on your calendar specific times for you to work on those action items.

2. Invite one of your best customers to lunch or breakfast. Thank him or her for their business and invite that customer to share with you what you could do to expand your business, build on your successes or consider a new line of products or services.

3. Attend a networking event and really connect with at least 2 people. Consider what you could do for them and their business. Do you know someone who could use their services or products? If so, make it a point to tell them about the business. Make plans to follow up with the business owner over coffee or other venue to begin to build a new relationship.

4. Connect with your employees! Spend a few minutes talking with them about their work, ask them what they like about their job and ask them to share with you one or two ways that you could improve their job for them and if possible, do it!

review your business plan with your coach at Wise HR Partnerships5. Review your business plan, especially if it is dusty or if it takes you more than 10 minutes to find it! What are you doing well that you set out to do when you started the business? What did you forget about? Is it still a good idea? If so, do it! If you don’t have a business plan, start working on one! It sets your direction and dictates what you do every day!

6. Review the processes that are required to accomplish the work you do in your business. If you have not taken the time to document the processes, start now! Documented processes make it easier to train new employees, make improvements in the way jobs are done so you can increase efficiency and are a part of the business that you will be able to sell when you are ready to sell your company.

7. How long has it been since you researched suppliers? Make sure you are getting the best supplies and the best cost.

8. Is your website up to date? Are your marketing materials up to date? If they are not up-to-date, get them up to date.

9. Are you sending out customer satisfaction surveys or following up with them to make sure they are happy with their experience and that they are excited about recommending your business to their friends and contacts? If you are not, consider it. It may be a good investment. You can also ask for their comments/testimonials and if they approve you can put it on your website. If you are already doing customers surveys, take the time to review the comments and survey results. What action can you take based on their feedback?

10. Consider taking some time off for yourself. Make sure you are taking an annual vacation. It is good for business!


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