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Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is great for things like “I hope I win the lottery!” Or “I hope that this person I like is at the event I’m going to so I can talk with him.” What you need instead of hope is a STRATEGY!

But when it comes to your business or your personal future, hope it just not enough. Waiting for the perfect client to show up at your door or the perfect person to fill the job opening you are in desperate need of filling – well, that is just procrastinating!

What are you hoping for right now in your business or personal life?  Are you stuck, hoping and not moving – as in parked and need to change the gear to drive? It is great to have faith and a positive attitude – but it is also necessary to get moving. That requires changing the gear from park to drive. And you also need to figure out where you are going, and as in driving it is best to figure out where you are going while you are still in park. To continue with the driving metaphor, once you have your road map (strategy) you can pick a lane and stay in it while you figure out whether or not you are getting the result you are looking for.

What is frustrating you right now? What are you hoping will change but aren’t doing anything about it? Spend some time brainstorming some action items that will take you out of that stuck place. It is always a good idea to get some input from others, experts in the field or people you admire and look to as a mentor. Once you feel you have gathered the information you need, take some action. Pick up the phone and make the call or send the email – whatever it is to get things moving. You can do this – change will happen! If you get it wrong the first time, look at it as a learning experience. Okay, you know what doesn’t work – what else could work? What will you try next?

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