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Hi Ho – Hi Ho – It’s off to work we go….How You can positively impact Employee Satisfaction

The keys to happy employees and Improving Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees are by far more fun to around than the grumpy ones but beyond just more enjoyable to work with is the fact that Customer Satisfaction is directly related to Employee Satisfaction. We’ve all been to the retail store, grocery store or restaurant where we were greeted by the unhappy, often downright grumpy employee. As for our own grumpy employees, we may get used to them.  Yep, that’s “grumpy Ginger, that’s just the way she is.” But, our customers are not getting used to them and they may take their business somewhere else as a result.

So what is it that makes employees happy?

Sure, it varies somewhat from one employee to another but mostly it’s about these 5 things. Below are the top reasons for Happy Employees, listen in opposite order of importance to the employee.

#5   —   Money – sure it’s important but it is not the most important thing. Employees want to know they are paid fairly in comparison to others in the company and to their friends in similar jobs. They like to get raises – feel rewarded financially. But the good feeling that comes from getting a raise just doesn’t last that long.

4   –   More control over their time.  Companies who can be more flexible with their employees’ schedules and maybe provide a work-from-home option at least occasionally find happier employees.

#3 – Praise and recognition.  Managers who frequently let their employees know when they do a good job are rewarded with happier employees. Saying thank you and Great Job! really matters. Yes, more important than money!

#2 – A sense of belonging. When employees understand how the work they do fits into the company’s larger mission they are happier. Even more, if the employee buys into the company’s mission and has a passion for the products or services they produce, the employee feels as though they belong.

#1 – Camaraderie.The number one reason employees are happy at work is because they like the people they work with. Striking up friendships at work really matters. As employees come and go for a variety of reasons, the camaraderie can change so be aware of the value of those workplace friendships.

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