3 Ways Employers & Supervisors Get What They Don’t Want – An Entitlement Culture!

3 Ways Employers & Supervisors Get What They Don’t Want – An Entitlement Culture!

Entitlement Culture Be Damned!

I hear employers complain about how their workers have an entitlement attitude. When the entitlement attitude becomes the Entitlement Culture

ulture of the company it is certainly problematic and makes for a difficult place to go to work every day. If you don’t want a culture of entitlement, here are some practices that I encourage you to look at.

Employee Rewards

How do you reward your employees?  Are your employees rewarded, across the board with raises or bonuses without any connection to their performance? When there is no connection of performance to reward, employees ultimately tend to believe that they are “entitled” to the reward without any requirement for performance. It is important to formally review each employees’ performance, at least annually.  If the budget allows, award bonuses or salary increases based on their performance. When you don’t tie performance to pay and money is given away, employers get exactly what they don’t want, a sense of entitlement.

Perfomance Problems

Are performance problems addressed? When employees are not performing to your expectations or in the best interest of the company, problems need to be addressed. Performance problems require a conversation with the employee about how their performance is not measuring up. Some of us are not fond of confrontation, but it is part of a manager’s job to address performance problems. In fact, it is likely the only way to change the behavior. Employees need to know what the requirements are for the job and what happens if they don’t measure up. Providing the feedback reduces the feeling of entitlement and changes it to reward for performance.

Partnership & Accountability

Create a partnership with your employees. If you pay 100% of their health insurance, provide them with paid-time-off and don’t hold them accountable for their performance, you create the entitlement culture. What is the expectation of the employee when the company gives all without holding them accountable for their efforts? Don’t get me wrong, benefits are great and a solid benefit package can help you recruit the people you need. However, consider about how much the company gives and the expectations of the employee as a partnership. Consider the employee relationship as a partnership and hold the employee accountable for their part in the success of the company. That partnership will undoubtedly change the entitlement culture to a partnership culture.

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