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Recruiting in not just about filling seats. It’s about filling seats with the right people, plus providing the coaching and training needed to keep them on board. WISE Executive Search and Recruiting Services can help you find candidates who are the best fit for your company. We specialize in recruiting architects, engineers and accountants, as well as candidates from a wide range of businesses.

Companies turn to WISE HR Partnerships when they:

  • Are too busy running their business to spend the time needed to recruit and hire the top performers for their company
  • Realize they lack the experience to locate and select the best candidates
  • Want to partner with an HR specialist who cares about making the right match and guaranteeing their work
  • Need a skilled intermediary to aid salary negotiations and provide a buffer between the company and a candidate
  • Prefer a confidential search to fill a vacancy and avoid the anxiety of employees and prospects inquiring about an opening
“Our new employee has come in as a saving grace! She absolutely fits in and I believe in talking with her she is very glad to have made the move as well. She has helped me tremendously on projects already that otherwise I am not sure when or if I could have gotten to some of the things needed.” — Ron Wright, PE, Principal

Hiring Services

  • Review and update job description(s) as needed
  • Draft advertisements and notifications of openings
  • Recruit and source the best candidates
  • Provide confidential job searches if preferred
  • Review resumes and applications for the skills, knowledge and characteristics required for the job
  • Provide integrity pre-screening for pre-qualified candidates
  • Develop interview questions and selection methods
  • Schedule and conduct interviews
  • Counsel interviewers about the “do’s and don’ts” of interviewing
  • Coach interviewers for final interviews
  • Check references on final candidates
  • Provide final candidate summaries
  • Conduct background checks and drug testing through a third party
  • Coach decision-makers on the best fit for a company
  • Handle salary negotiations
  • Assemble packets and required documents for new employee(s)
  • Notify candidates who were not selected in the final decision

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