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What NOT to do When Looking for a Job

There are lots of things that you should NOT do when you’re looking for a job but here are 3 that I have been reminded of recently while recruiting. If you have applied for a job, sent in the necessary documents (an application and resume for example) and scheduled a phone interview – I’m thinking (as the recruiter) that you are actually SERIOUS and INTERESTED in the job.

If you are here are some tips.

  1. Your resume and your application job history (and everything else) should match! Don’t leave off jobs on your resume because you haven’t bothered to update it for the job you are applying for. Looks like laziness to me. Really!
  2. If you have a scheduled phone interview, make sure that at the time of the interview you are in a quiet place where you can focus on the call and interviewer and not driving down the road with a bad connection. Makes the recruiter feel NOT important. Really!
  3. That scheduled phone interview – don’t be working at your current job while taking the call. It looks like STEALING time from your current job to me as the recruiter. I would NEVER hire someone who made that bad decision. Really!
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