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Reference Checks? Check!

Reference Checks? Check!

Don’t forget to check references before you make a job offer!! You will be surprised what you

learn – especially if you ask the right questions. Talk to direct supervisors – don’t call personal

friends and relatives. Here are some good questions to get them talking.

1. Is X eligible to be rehired? If not, is this because your company has a general policy on

rehiring employees, or is there another reason?

2. What were X’s primary job responsibilities?

3. During the course of X’s employment at your company, were you her direct supervisor

the entire time? If not, who were her other supervisors?

4. Would you enthusiastically recommend X?

5. How would you compare X’s work habits with those of her co-workers?

6. The job we are hiring for requires these skills and characteristics: Examples may be –

attention to detail; customer service skills; organization. Can you give me an example of

how the applicant used those skills when they were working for you?

7. Did X function better at your company working alone or as part of a team?

8. What, if anything, distinguishes X from others who do the same type of job?

9. What can we expect from X if she works for us?

Take notes, ask follow up questions if you aren’t sure about the answers. And listen between

the lines for signals that the person is uncomfortable answering.

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