Gaining Insight

group peer business coaching

A think-tank for business owners and decision-makers, Insight utilizes peer executive boards and individual coaching to foster personal and professional growth. Facilitated by Cristy Carroll, president of WISE HR Partnership, Insight’s community of business owners come together to encourage, inspire and learn from each other. The format is both structured and flexible to meet the needs of the group.

Being the leader of a small business can be isolating. Insight brings business owners together to help leaders wrap their arms around the many aspects of running a business; learn from each other; spend time working ON their business; and set and be held accountable for their goals. As a member of Insight, you will be encouraged, challenged and feel connected to others with similar challenges.

What Should I Expect?

Insight groups come together for a full day once a month. There are 8-10 business owners in each group, and there are no competitors in the same group. Every participant agrees to confidentiality. In addition to the group meeting, each participant will have a monthly individual coach session with one of the coaches.

Speakers are brought in to offer expertise when participants want to learn more about specific topics. Examples of the topics include finance, legal matters, social media, marketing, branding, human resources and technology.

Participants will be provided with a variety of tools and exercises. For example: establishing your Wildly Important Goal; writing your sales story; defining your business in a business plan; identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; and developing strategies that will help you accomplish your goal.

What Do Members Say About Insight?

“I wish I would have had a mentor or a group like Insight earlier in my career, I think things might have been different for me, better outcome; I have always been a bit jaded on the faddish of the management topic of the month/week but I have a new outlook on that now after this experience; Insight gets me to take time to focus On my business that otherwise I would not do.”

“It is a collaborative group a safe place to discuss and explore business issues and challenges. I get to exercise muscles that I don’t use every day, like thinking strategically about other people’s business, ability to discuss business challenges.”

“I get tunnel vision sometimes. look forward to getting feedback because I’m not an idea person. Insight helped me to broaden my horizons in business and develop more intimate businesses relationships. Insight gives me an opportunity to work ON my business.”

“It has been very helpful, interesting, interesting to hear other challenges, feedback we get rolls over into our own business. The feedback I received led me to make changes in my business that were very beneficial and ends up having LKN Savings being more valuable. Very eye opening, just happened. I took my open rate from 12 – 19% by making the changes – that’s pretty huge!”

“Learning from other businesses correlates with your own business, helps open our minds. We get a variety of perspectives, we can get completely new ideas, profoundly overwhelming and advantageous. We support, brainstorm, evaluate, dissect, encourage and analyze.”

“Most importantly, I’m more in tune with the numbers – my dashboard – of my business and not flying by the seat of my pants. Less reactive now. Accountability. Nice to bounce business ideas off of business people. I like the safety I feel in the group.”

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