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Salaries and Small Businesses

How small businesses get in trouble with high cost of payroll No doubt payroll is a big expense. What I’ve noticed working with small businesses is that they tend to give higher raises IF they give any raises at all. Here’s the problem: Small businesses tend to think in increments of $.50 or $1.00. Here’s…Continue Reading

Don’t Be a Dumping Ground!

We’ve all heard Harry S. Truman’s famous quote, The Buck Stops Here. I agree that the top leadership has the final say, sets the direction and the buck stops with them. However, that does not mean that you, the leader or manager, should be a dumping ground for your direct reports! Teach them to fish…Continue Reading

It’s All About Habits

The Key to Success – is Success! The big key to making improvements your life is breaking old bad habits and creating new ones that serve you well. There are several great books about habits – Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and One Small Step Can…Continue Reading

The Crack Down on Immigration – What it means to Business Owners 

Business owners today are 3 times more likely to be audited by ICE. We have heard and continue to be reminded by the President and the media that the Trump Administration places a high priority on immigration reform.  This really matters to business owners. Here’s why.  Immigration Customer Enforcement (ICE) Agents and the Department of Homeland Security are the two government agencies…Continue Reading

Small Business = Big Hiring Challenges

To celebrate small business week, we’re tackling the issues that mean the most to our small business clients.   It’s the age-old small business challenge: What do you do when your business is booming but you are worn out and your family isn’t happy about the time you spend working? Or, your earnings have plateaued…Continue Reading

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