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Are Integrity, Interpersonal Skills and Judgment important when you are hiring?

Of course those are important skills!
choosing the right candidate

When Integrity; Interpersonal Skills and Judgment are Important!

Some interviewers struggle with what to ask the candidate. Some struggle with getting the right information about the candidate before they hire. Be slow to hire – it is like dating – don’t get married without all the information!

Integrity – can’t argue that integrity is one of the most important attributes of an employee. But how do you know if the candidate you are interviewing has integrity? Try this question:

Give me an example of a time you found it necessary to make an exception to the rules in order to get something done.

What? They broke the rules? Was it a silly rule and breaking the rule saved a great customer? OR did they break the rule for their own personal gain? If there is a rule that the store gives discounts to employees only and they are giving their friends a discount – that might be considered stealing. So ask a lot of questions as follow up as to why they felt like they needed to break the rule. And, did they talk to their boss immediately and explain or did they never tell them?

Interpersonal Skills are also important and with the texting and social media – are candidates losing their interpersonal skills? Let’s find out with these questions.

Tell me about the best boss you ever had.  What made him/her so great to work for?  OR

Tell me about a boss that you found it the hardest to work with.  What made him/her so difficult to work with?
These are great questions! You’ll want an honest answer from the applicant and it will help you determine if they are a good fit for the job you have and the manager they will work for. If they had a hard time working for a disorganized boss and you’re disorganized – whoops! Maybe you could talk to the applicant about how to help you to stay organized or move on to an applicant who isn’t frustrated by disorganization.

Good Judgment is another important attribute of a good employee. Try this question to help you determine whether they have good judgement:

What was the best decision you ever made?  What were the alternatives?  How did you go about making it?

I like this question because it gives a feel for how the candidate’s mind works. Are they more logical or do they follow their feelings? Did they talk with others before they made the decision? Who were the others they talked to?

Most important of all – be prepared with a handful of questions to ask the candidates – ask all the candidates the same questions – and don’t do all the talking. Let the applicant talk 70% of the time. If you don’t you haven’t learned enough about the candidate to make a good decision.

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